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D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation of Acadiana is dedicated to
providing support and activities to children and adults with
special needs in the Acadiana area.

Our main goal is for individuals with special needs in this
area to have fun, and to support parents and caregivers by
keeping them informed of the resources available.

Any individual can participate regardless of their needs.
We adapt our programs around the individual's abilities, so
that they can perform at their highest potential.

The individuals participating have made and continue to
make great friendships, built their self-esteem levels, and
truly enjoy participating instead of being a spectator.

The programs have helped create new friendships for
parents, understanding and acceptance in the community,
and provided numerous hours of joy and excitement.

We have many programs that we offer and continue to look
for new programs to add. This gives each individual a
choice on the programs they would like to participate in.
The limitations are endless!

If you are interested in any of our programs, getting
involved, volunteering, or making a donation please
Contact Brian or Donielle Watkins

Brian: 337-654-4053
Donielle: 337-962-1609