LYSA 8v8 Summer Leagues

Summer 8v8 begins: June 9th

The Games
Game lengths: 2 x 30 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
Teams will play 7 games
There are no referee's, no scores kept, and no standings (THIS LEAGUE IS FOR FUN).

Men's and Coed Divisions

Coed teams must have 3 female players on the field

Max roster size is 14 All players must be 18 years old

Weather Procedures Check
for updates
At the field, a lightning detector will automatically sound a warning and a decision will be made at the field to decide if it is safe to continue playing.
Rainouts will either be rescheduled during weeknights or the season will be
extended to accommodate makeup's

COED Schedule

Updated August 15th 2013

5 7:15 COED AFC (labar) vs Work in Progress (Bahrey)
Aug 18th COED NJS-2 (Woodall) vs BYE
Aug 18th 6 7:15 COED Formerly In Shape Allstars
vs Mixed Nuts (Montes)
Aug 18th 7 7:15 COED Acadianimals (Guidry) vs Purple Cobras (Robicheaux)
Aug 18th 8 6:00 COED Team Drus (Andrus) vs Turnt Up (Bartlett)
Aug 18th 11 7:15 COED Forever Onside (Carolina Blue) Awkward Turtles (Van Putten)