Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Soccer is an outdoor sport and we do occasionally play in light rain or cold weather. Please be sure to dress your child appropriately. Layering clothing under the uniform is acceptable, but please no metal fasteners or drawstrings for the children’s’ safety. 

Field Closures are posted by 4:30pm on weeknights and 7:00am on weekends

Please note sometimes there may be a slight delay in posting closures due to weather flare ups after the posted time. We try very hard not to cancel practices or games and sometimes wait right up until the posting time before closing fields.  Also note, that LYSA/CSC does not control closings at the Youngsville Sports Complex, but we do work closely with the complex so that we have up to date information.  To avoid confusion, we typically post only CLOSINGS so if no information is posted, assume that practices and games will be held as scheduled.

There are multiple ways to check for Field Closures:

  1. The field status on the front of the LYSA/CSC homepage ( will be updated as closures become available.
  2. Follow us on Facebook (Lafayette Youth Soccer Association/Cajun Soccer Club)
  3. Follow us on Twitter (@cajunsoccerclub)


Lightning Policy

Both Moore Park and the Youngsville Sports Complex are protected by a Lightning detection and warning system. You will hear one long horn blast that indicates lightning is in the area and it is UNSAFE to play or be on the fields in any way. After hearing the horn to remove athletes from the field, the system will continue to monitor the storms.  You can only return to the field after three short horn blasts from the system.  At this point, it is safe to resume play.