CSC 10U Academy Overview

The CSC 10U Academy is the next step along the Cajun Soccer Club Developmental Pathway after the CSC 8U Juniors and CSC 9U Academy programs.  Participation in the 8U Juniors or 9U Academy programs are not a prerequisite for participation in the 10U Academy.  All 10U players are welcome to join (players born in 20010).


"Too often in this country, youth coaches sacrifice learning skills for winning games..."
Mia Hamm, former US Women's National Team member


The Cajun Soccer Club 10U Academy is committed to create a better developmental environment for our 10U players by taking a player development focus as opposed to a results-driven focus.  Players will receive the same level of coaching found at the Cajun Soccer Club competitive level and a better developmental experience by stressing the long-term development of players.  Coaches and players focus on developing the technical proficiency required to play at higher levels of the game.

  • Open to all 10U boys and girls (players born in 2010)
  • Registration will close when pools are at certian thresholds to allow for managable event rosters


Academy style programs have emerged as the 21st century alternative to the frustrating shortfalls in soccer development displayed in most pre-teens.  This void is heavily influenced by coaching quality and the pressure to win at critical periods (7-12 years old) in the developmental process.

If you have any questions about the 10U Academy please contact our at or call 261-5425.


"One of the key questions we ask potential recruits is 'what was their soccer experience between 8-12 years old?'  What type of training did you do?  What kind of coaching did you receive?  We don't ask them how many titles they won?  I want to add my full endorsement to the move towards a more developmental method of training for the younger players and away from a purely competitive model."

Kevin Sherry, Women's Head Soccer Coach - Louisiana Tech University